Concierge Counseling Services

**You must be a resident of NC to receive this service.**

What is Concierge Counseling or Coaching?


It is an innovative and exclusive approach to counseling allows you more flexible and individualized access to your counselor. One can think of Concierge Counseling & Coaching as having a counselor on retainer.

Sister W.E.L.L.S. is your premier choice for Concierge Counseling & Coaching Services in North Carolina. You will receive support and guidance in the luxury of your home, office or other private location of your choosing. Concierge Counseling or Coaching is not covered by insurance, which means that a mental health diagnosis isn’t needed to engage in counseling. They’re many benefits to Concierge Counseling & Coaching:

  1. Services are discreet and no report is made to your insurance company. ​
  2. This eliminates the added time that is required to come to an office.
  3. I can more easily work with the entire family system or couple if needed.
  4. It provides increased confidentiality (not coming to a therapist’s office).
  5. Address issues in their natural environment (anxiety, child behavior concerns, etc.).
  6. These services are ideal for people who are: healing from medical concerns, transportation issues, home-bound, stay-at-home parents, or professionals with busy and complex schedules.

If your status, lifestyle, or employment do not allow you to seek out traditional services in a therapy office, Concierge Counseling & Coaching Services is for you.  Concierge Counseling & Coaching Services is a unique, anonymous counseling at your location of choice. Avoid travelling back and forth to the counselor’s office, busy waiting room, and avail yourself the luxury of  premier counseling services from the comfort of your home, office or location of your choice.

Initial Consultation, Individual, & Family Counseling or Coaching Sessions: $250 for 90 minute session. Please give us a call at 704-266-2061 with any questions and to see if our Concierge Counseling & Coaching Services could meet your needs.

Disclaimer: Certain issues, topics and diagnosis may not be acceptable with this service method of treatment. Additional conditions may also apply.

**This service is ONLY available to those whom reside in NC. Service Areas include: Charlotte and surrounding areas, Triad (Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro). Additional mileage fees are included with this service .**

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