Healing in Review: A Guide To Help Readers Reflect On Their Healing Journey (Spiral-Bound)


Healing – In Review is a practical and insightful guide designed to help readers reflect on their healing journey and record their progress with counseling or coaching. It contains prompts, questionnaires, and guided interventions that encourage readers to work toward wellbeing in all areas of their lives.

Including essential insights on how to pick the perfect counselor, coach, or therapist for you, as well as powerful goal-setting advice so you can track your progress, this guide provides a safe and deeply personal place for you to explore your inner workings and record those key ‘aha’ moments as you work toward integration. With an intuitive layout and a beautiful design that empowers you to open up and be honest with yourself, Healing – In Review is a brilliant tool for anyone who feels emotionally drained, demotivated, or struggling to find their purpose.


Embrace your wellbeing and discover how to thrive with this counseling and coaching workbook.

Are you struggling to decide whether to begin counseling or coaching? Do you need a deeply personal guide to help you reflect on your wellbeing and strengthen your relationship with yourself? Or are you searching for a wide range of tools, resources, prompts, and activities for personal growth? Then this book is for you.

With an authentic and heartfelt tone, this powerful guide seeks to help readers practice emotional wellbeing and reflect on their healing journey as they work through counseling or coaching. Written by clinical psychotherapist Dr. Sherrá Watkins, Healing – In Review is packed with valuable insights and questionnaires, handy prompts, and a wealth of guided reflections designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of your wellbeing while you track your healing progress.

Perfect for anyone who feels emotionally drained, demotivated, or struggling to find their purpose in life, this inspiring book encourages and challenges you to put your wellbeing first – providing helpful advice on finding the right counselor or coach for you, embracing your self-care as an essential part of your life, and recording your key “aha” moments.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside

  • Essential Resources For Finding Your Ideal Counselor, Coach, or Therapist
  • Easy Questionnaires To Help You Explore Your Emotional and Psychological Goals
  • Handy Prompts For Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Your Mind
  • Powerful Goal-Setting Advice So You Can Form a Plan of Action
  • Tools and Activities For Guided Interventions To Challenge Your Beliefs and Work Toward Integration
  • And Much More…

With an intuitive layout and a beautiful design, Healing – In Review invites you to share your deepest thoughts, empowering you to take your mental and emotional health seriously. No matter your age, background, or culture, this workbook is the perfect tool to accompany you on your path to wellness.

Are you ready to embark on your journey to healing? Then scroll up and grab your copy now.


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