“Words can’t express my gratitude & appreciation for all you do spiritually and physically! As usual, your professionalism and timeliness couldn’t have been better. I had an interview and didn’t even realize you had updated my resume. Holy Spirit told me to check my emails which I rarely do and I had everything that I needed for my interview. Needless to say, I was offered the job and we’re currently working on a setting a start date. Thank you so much for your expertise and prayers.”

Sharon, Early Childhood Director  


“One of the most dynamic speakers and wellness professional you will ever meet. A great mentor who has helped me transition from academia to my first job. She is resourceful and will do whatever she can to help you!!”

David, Community-Based Health Educator


“I had the opportunity to attend a 2-hour workshop you facilitated recently. When you said, “Wellness is my life!” I will admit I was skeptical.  But by the end of those 2 hours, I absolutely believed you.  I would therefore appreciate the opportunity to meet with you further.”

Natalie, Office Manager/Executive Assistant (Higher Education)

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