WELL Initiative

Sister WELLS Counseling, Coaching & Consulting, PLLC is proud to share our non-profit program:  The WELL Initiative!

Our WELLS Initiative Program purpose is to partner with people, community agencies, organizations, and such to increase access to Wellness resources and services for at-risk, underserved, and marginalized populations. We partner with online and local academic institutions to recruit, train, and utilize clinical interns to offer free and low costs mental health services to vulnerable populations. We partner with other community organizations to provide free or lower cost resources, training, and workshops.  

Designed with the intention of anyone being able to come to The WELL and receive what they need! This program was created for those with no insurance, their insurance doesn’t cover counseling, those with a high-deductible plan, unemployment and/or financial issues. If you or someone you know are in need, please reach out to us for more information.

Cost should not be a barrier to receive counseling. Therefore, The WELL Initiative offers free or low-cost counseling services on a short-term basis to children and adults who are unable to afford it. Our Free and Low-Cost Services have conditions, and participants must meet criteria.

  • No Insurance
  • Low Insurance
  • Unemployment
  • High-Deductible Insurance Plan
  • Financial Issues

These are limited slots based on availability and income with costs ranging from $0-$30 for Mental Health services. These services are provided by therapists and our Advanced-level Graduate student clinician interns who has received training to provide therapy.

Please email info@sisterwells.org or call the office for more info or to apply.

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